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* All Below Main Courses Included : ( *All Below Courses Included )
SAP RE010 - Real Estate Processes in SAP Real Estate Management - EHP5   ( Col95 - 2009/Q5 ) - Latest Added
SAP RE200 - SAP Real Estate Management : Implementation ( Advanced ) -EHP5 & EHP4 ( Col95 - 2009/Q5 & Col92-2009/Q2 )
SAP RE300 - Land Use Management in SAP Real Estate Management - EHP7  ( v098 - Col98 - 2014 Release ) - Latest Added
* All Below Extra Recommended Additional Courses Also Included in Package :

AC010 - Business Processes in Financial Accounting  - EHP5 ( Col95 - 2009/Q5 ) - New Added

AC040 - Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling)  - EHP4  ( Col92 - 2009/Q2 ) - New Added

AC200 - Basics of Customizing for Financial Accounting: New G/L, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable - EHP5

AC201 - Financial Accounting Customizing - I  - EHP5  ( Col95 - 2009/Q5 ) - New Added

AC290 - Real Estate Management   ( Col62 - 2006/Q2 )

AC295 - Flexible Real Estate Management   ( Col62 - 2006/Q2 )

SAPFIN - mySAP ERP Financials  

SAP01 - SAP Overview  - EHP8  ( Col17 ) - New Added

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SAP Real Estate Configuration Video Tutorials (.sim) 45 Courses


Contains files on :

SAP Industries Specific Real Estate 
RE- Adjustments - Comparative Rent      
RE- Adjustments - Graduated Rent      
RE- Contract Fast Entry      
RE- Contract Management Lease-Out      
RE- Contract Management Lease-Out Renewal      
RE- Contract Management Notice      
RE- Contract Measurements      
RE- Contract - Notice And Renewal      
RE- Contract With Index Adjustment Rules      
RE- Dependent Conditions      
RE- Dynamic Selection For Logical Database      
RE- Enterprise Extension - Overview      
RE- Free Adjustment Contract And Processing      
RE- FX Data Transfer      
RE- Integration To Co And FI      
RE- Master Data- Define Pooled Spaces      
RE- Master Data- Definition And Use Of Sets      
RE- Master Data- Occupancy Planning      
RE- Master Data- Vacancy Reason      
RE- McKesson EnhancementsAbstracts And Reports      
RE- McKesson Enhancements Contract Documents Clauses Etc      
RE- Navigator      
RE- One-Time Correspondence With MSWord      
RE- R3 Enterprise Financials Extension 2.00- Contract Management      
RE- R3 Enterprise Financials Extension 2.00- Object Groups      
RE- R3 Enterprise Financials Extension 2.00- Rental Object      
RE- Real Estate General Contract      
RE- Real Estate Object Browser - Sets      
RE- RE In BW-Overview Of Rental Charges Report      
RE- Reporting In Business Information Warehouse      
RE- Reporting In RE FX      
RE- Reporting - Sets And Information System      
RE- Resubmission Reporting In The General Contract      
RE- Sales Based Contracts      
RE- Sales Based Contracts - Analysis And Correction      
RE- Sales Based Contracts - Reports And Settlement      
RE- SCS - Contract With Advanced Payment Booked As Revenues      
RE- SCS - Create Multiple Settlement Units      
RE- SCS - Data Exchange Settlement Unit      
RE- SCS - Meters For Rental Objects      
RE- SCS - Meters For Settlement Units      
RE- SCS - Participation Group      
RE- SCS - Transfer Postings      
RE- SCS - Transfer Postings Between SettlementUnits      
RE- Security Deposit Contract


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