SAP XI / PI 7.0 Training@HOME Courses Self-Study


SAP XI / PI 7.0 Training@HOME

( SAP XI - Exchange Infrastructure Training Package )



Now You Can Study At Home By Your Self & Become A Certified Consultant.


Following Courses You Will Learn@HOME : ( All Below 36+ Courses )

TBIT40 - XI Fundamentals

TBIT41 - Mapping Concepts

TBIT42 - Adapter Concept

TBIT43 - BPM Concepts

TBIT44 - Mapping, Adapters and BPM

TBIT50 - XI Technical Implementation & Operation (Part 1)

TBIT51 - XI Technical Implementation & Operation (Part 2)

BIT100 - Integration Technology

BIT140 - XML in SAP Solutions

BIT300 - Intergration Technology ALE

BIT350 - ALE Enhancements

BIT400 - SAP Exchange Infrastructure

BIT430 - SAPXI Business Process Management

BIT450 - SAP Exchange Infrastructure Development

BIT460 - SAP Exchange Infrastructure Mapping

BIT528 - SAP .NET Connector Programming

BIT530 - Introduction to the SAP Business Connector

BIT531 - SAP Business Connector Integrator

BIT600 - SAP WebFlow - Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting, and Using Standard Templates

BIT601 - SAP WebFlow Definition and Use of Customer-Specific Workflows

BIT603 - Webflow and Web

BIT610 - SAP WebFlow Programming

BIT614 - SAP Document Management Overview

BIT615 - SAP Archive Link

BIT640 - SAP Record Management in Detail

BIT660 - SAP Data Archiving

BIT670 - Programming Display Functions


SAP XI Tutorials (.sim) Topics Worth : $ 39 USD (Also Included)

XI - Assign Interface Mapping to Interface Determination

XI - Create Interface Mapping

XI - Create Message Mapping

XI - Create namespace

XI - Create Software Component

XI - Import SW

XI - Logon To IB-Design

XI - Logon To Integration Builder Configuration

XI - Logon To SLD





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